Victory from James after Joining His Native Club

Posted on | April 19, 2012

The last Friday was a great day for the NBA basketball events tournaments as LeBron bagged a winning record on behalf of Cleveland

He returned with an enormous energy and bubbling vigor and successfully scored 28 points in the match, though it was not easy to win against such a potential team in opponent. The new side of James actually won 111-87.

However, it is being said by critics that the return of the James to Cleveland is temporary and he will surely once again get back to Cavaliers. With this suspect a huge number of fans booed this energetic and young player but their effort went to ashtray as it affected the spirit of the player in no ways and the outcome is now known to all.
Otherwise the dream of Jeremy Lin would have shattered as the seven game of New York knick’s has been halted by an 85-95 victory, which was enough to mar Cleveland’s glory.

During the match Lin succeeded to score 26 points only, an approach that is praise able and sometime won equal appreciation like James. However, in the same match he did commit 9 turnovers which have been regarded as the worst mistake ever committed at NBA basketball league.

Another player, Dwight Howard also succeeded to score 26 points and he also did pick 20 rebounds when Orlando Magic gave a 94-85 beat to Milwaukee. At the same time Kelvin Love succeeded to score 33 points when team Minnesota countered Houston at 111- 98.
The match took a dramatic turn when Dante Cunningham tipped in a miss with Rudy Gay in a fraction of second when Grizzlies succeeded to beat Denver with a gap of 103-102.

Often it seems that a little score do a great job and that is the same in case of Mavericks. Only 28 points and twelve rebounds brought the player on track as he succeed to overcome the deficit of 15 points and coined the point to use against Philadelphia 76 ers and beat the team by 82-75.
The season’s best point however was scored by AL Jefferson that pushed the Washington Wizard towards winning with a gap of 114-110 and they succeed to win over Utah Jazz though losing run of Charlotte come to an end at 16th game along with 98-91 victory over the Toronto team. In short it can be said that the match was truly exciting and heated the environment of NBA league.

Fight between Pioneers: Nebraska Omaha and Denver Fought For the Playoff Position

Posted on | April 16, 2012

It was the time for the pioneers like Denver and Nebraska Omaha who got the opportunity to give a tough fight to each other to move towards the playoff positions. In the WCHA, they got the chance to secure a third place with a 2 game that was held against the team North Dakota during the weekend of the last month., however the loss of last Friday prevented that exciting incident to took place.

Denver succeeded to carry –over a flurry of goals, though late, during the last Saturday tilt. That secured a 5-3 win and a 1st round home ice in the postseason of the league. Though the winning odd is still on Denver’s favor, it is being calculated that the team needs to give another tough fight to Nebraska Omaha, a team that has beaten by Denver twice in this season of NHL and has ensured its third position in the playoffs.

Though the second seat was a bit hard to reach, due to the tiebreaker game between Minnesota and Duluth, however this two wins of the last weekend actually assisted Denver to head towards the playoff. The pioneers are obviously a guaranteed playoff spot but there was a danger as well of getting caught if looked towards the Red Baron Final Five- the postseason final of the WCHA’s weekends and last but not the least, the championship of the league that is the Broadmoor Trophy.

Then it was the time to imagine that the Mavericks were ready to come out of the tough situation of the month of February. Record says that the players have not seen any such worst month in their long career. Their team did receive one by one defeat from the team Minnesota, especially during the last weekend matches and this pathetic situation left the team at 2-4-1 almost at the mouth and the team also observed consecutive game drops from UNO and it was the team’s first time experience since it received the 3 game slide in the October of the last year.
However, suddenly there was a noticeable hike in the performance of the players of the team Nebraska Omaha while a very rare storm would have seen the team to drop to the eighth.

Almost all of the twelve teams of WCHA got a shot in the postseason; however the top six positions successfully earned the players home ice during the first round of the playoffs.

WR Simpson Pleads Guilty and likely to Receive 60 Day Jail

Posted on | March 28, 2012

Jerome Simpson pleads to charge and likely to face a 60-day jail sentence. The charge against WR Simpson further puts his career under scrutiny and severe questions loom around his future international participation as well. Jerome Simpson faces charge related to a drug-related felony charge. In the next month, we will come to know about the future of this four-year veteran player. There is an immense chance that the guilty plea of the concerned player will most likely result in his suspension from the league itself. WR Simpson faces the accusation of marijuana trafficking, as reports stated that a shipment was present at his home in northern Kentucky.

A recent statement made by NFL spokesperson makes it clear that the result of the case will take place as per the substance abuse policy of the concerned league. Jerome Simpson came up for a hearing dressed up in a dark gray suit. The case was pending on him since September 2. Agents from California tracked the package delivered at his home in northern Kentucky. Sanders after a complete hearing of the case opined that Mr. Simpson deserved punishment in one way or the other. After the completion of the entire hearing case, Jerome Simpson and the concerned lawyer Burr Travis chose to leave the courtroom without any further comment.

In a telephone interview, Burr Travis counted that there was a possibility of him presenting a witness on the day of hearing. Travis made further comments stating that there was every possibility of him presenting to the court an entirely different side of the story. Burr Travis was judicious enough to admit that the decision of the case would depend upon the concerned judge.

The 60-day sentence restricted upon Jerome Simpson was a bit tough considering the fact that folks without any prior record convicted with a similar crime gain an easy straight probated sentence. Sanders held the view that Jerome Simpson only took possession of marijuana for personal usage and he has no other intension but to share it with his friends. Simpson is one among the other four Bengals who underwent arrest.

In a gap of no more than two years, this is the second case that WR Simpson currently faces. Simpson performed with a heels-over-head flip over Daryl Washington and ensured a comfortable victory by a margin of 23-16. Simpson, in a sudden burst of emotion raised arms indicating victory.

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